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I'm a librarian of the internet - I run feeds of info on FB and Twitter. Interested in everything under sun and moon.
Human rights activist since 1985. Live in Johannesburg, South Africa. My blog name is based on my first two names. Love and kindness are the most important things. Activist, producer, humanist, mom, Africa-lover, Quaker-Buddhist, knitter, global villager, optimist, obsessive reader, Facebook addict (and not necessarily in that order...)
Live above the Bioscope in downtown Joburg.
Spread kindness. Choose life. Live adventurously. Listen, watch and read. Choose good energy movies, books, and music. Drink a beer/Savanna after a hard day's work. Meditate and pray.
Luxor Mansions - Bertrams by mrbaggins1 on Flickr.Johannesburg, South Africa

Luxor Mansions - Bertrams by mrbaggins1 on Flickr.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Posted on July 14th, 2011
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